AUX (pr. auxiliary) is a producer of experimental design, art, and craft; it is a new way of thinking about fine and decorative objects and commercial pursuit; it is an endeavor dedicated to the revolutionary collision of storytelling and material culture.

Los Angeles-based brand discovery and talent management firm, The Culture Creative, launched AUX in 2015 to fill a whitespace between the artist and gallery, an opportunity for experimentation.  Creating solutions to problems that don’t yet exist, AUX collaborates with talents from various creative fields to propose questions and push boundaries.  The goal is not necessarily to find the answer, but to illustrate the question through a project, product, or experience.  AUX is a pure manifestation of The Culture Creative’s commitment to learning, self-discovery and non-stop output—the belief that ideas should be mined, examined, and brought to life.  Nomadic and untethered, AUX is not a gallery; it is an un-gallery, collaborating directly with contemporary artists and makers and supporting their representative galleries.  AUX exists within The Culture Creative’s Los Angeles office.